Hi there! Welcome to Lulabel's Photography. My name is Janey McGill, the hopeless romantic in rose tinted spectacles who finally moved out of London after 15 years to the green grass of the Oxfordshire countryside.

Everything began to get exciting over a decade ago after a broken back when horse racing rendered my military legal career somewhat shattered. The art world had been simmered in the background since school and I established an art gallery and private consultancy based in Belgravia with a friend.

women in army uniform
woman riding a bay racehorse on epsom downs
titanium metal work from spine stabalisation

Immersed in the entire creative process I became a life model; fully exposed I faced myself; who I was before the metal work kept me together and who I wanted to be afterwards. Being a muse and to #BecomeArt was a healing therapy for me. Slowly I piece together a life I desire with many reincarnations. One constant through this evolution is insatiable curiosity for other people's lives, stories and motivations (and still my own!) and a need to express these themes visually.

With a longing for my legacy to be immortalised within art, born from the close shave with a racehorse and decision not to have children, I was led to weird and wonderful places; weird and wonderful people, I became the face of Kenwood kitchen appliances. I visited film sets, Britains longest National Trails, a blind dog and eight horses in a fairy tale chateau in the SW of France, the wilds of the Pyrenees and to walking the largest sand desert in the World, the Empty Quarter, on the Arabian Peninsula.

This journey, which was filmed and is in post production, with my two female Omani team mates is ultimately a life's work, to understand where I came from, who I want to be and to understand how we, as people, fit together across culture and gender. Land Rover MENA released a short film of the expedition to celebrate International Women's Day in 2020 - watch below!

As the story continued beyond the desert I took to a life behind the lens. Quietly and patiently observing, and finding enormous pleasure in capturing other's interactions pricelessly in time.

My camera and I, later found ourselves documenting a motorsport team for a Swiss energy drink company. The fast cars were great for a time, though it was the emotional journeys of the team that made me hungry for more. The rollercoaster of highs and lows which inevitably come with competitive sport were a joy to catch and completely addictive.

Historic Formula One later called, and the fabulous characters within the sport, thus breeding an obsession with classic cars, their unique and beautiful engineering intricacies. I suspect, influenced by the minimalist artists represented previously. I have a particular penchant for the Classic Lotus dashboards which are simply exquisite.

This body of work can be seen at www.janeymcgillphotography.com alongside branding and documentary projects for professional athletes and models within boxing, motorcross, dance, yoga and football.

And now, preferring life in a slower lane between Oxfordshire and Cornwall with Sid whippet, Winston the jug and Dave, loving Prosecco drinking Cornish partner in crime and muse, I bring an abundance of photographic, creative and compassionate experience and energy to you; to create beautiful imagery and artwork that savours the essence of you and your loved ones AND to laugh while we do it.


“Your photo's are AMAZING!!!

I'm not just saying that but I've worked with a bunch of photographers and never really like the way I look in pics but I really love these, THANK YOU”