little girl in white dress with hose
family on beach
little boy swimming underwater
toddler in red jacket
little boy running away from mummy
mother and daughter touching foreheads
father and son cuddling
grandma and grandaughter playing on swing
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Hey Mum and Dad we want you in front of the camera too! In years to come your kids will want to look back at you too!

Lulabel's family photoshoots are crafted especially to suit you and your family. Whether it be in your own home or garden or at a favourite outdoor spot. What's guaranteed is a gallery of joyful, natural and enigmatic images of you and your loved ones.

Photoshoots are scheduled to make the most of the natural light, mornings and afternoons work best avoiding the harsh midday sun - if we are lucky enough to see it!

Sessions tend to last approximately 1.5hrs but we are in no rush, the most important thing is capturing those precious moments. And sometimes the unexpected arise, wardrobe indecision, or indeed temper tantrums - which also make for some fabulous imagery - particularly when your little ones reach the 18th birthday milestone.

When you have booked, Lulabel's will give you a call to find out more so we are as prepared as we can be. Tell us what you love to do, what makes your little ones laugh, or if you have any special shoot requirements.

Lulabel's have a dedicated Leica underwater camera and will happily capture your loved ones playing in a swimming pool!

Expect to laugh, have fun and adore one another.

“over my years i have worked in front of the camera, and often with dogs and children, (which they say you shouldnt work with either !) and you have captured some amazing shots”