FOr you

boudoir photography shadows on a girl holding her breasts
mmale boudoir photography of tattoed man looking over the balcony of a palace
blonde girl in boudoir photography session looking in the mirror
blonde girl smoking a cigarette with sunglasses on
woman with her legs crossed with a love bracelet on in boudoir photography session
beautiful tanned girl in the sun for a boudoir photography session
brown haired girl looking back over her shoulder
blonde girl with nose ring and false eyelashes tipping her hat
silhouette of girl in the sun in a boudoir photography session
tattooed girl in bikini in a yoga pose down a corridor
black and white image of girl holding her breasts in a boudoir session
silhouette of sand slipping through fingers in a boudoir photography session
black and white image of girl running her hand through her hair
blonde girl in pink t-shirt rowing a boat
blonde women relaxing on the sofa in a boudoir photography session
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'For You' is exactly that - you are the centre of attention. An experience of indulgence and empowerment, not your ordinary boudoir and not exclusive to women. Celebrate yourself in all your glory; for your eyes only, to share with a loved one or to scream from the rooftops and exhibit in your home as a beautiful piece of fine art that is your legacy.

We know it's uncomfortable being vulnerable in front of the camera sometimes yet we also know from experience how hugely liberating and freeing it is once that comfort zone is nudged a little.

Sometimes we need the freedom to reconnect with ourselves, ask ourselves who we are away from the trappings of our modern day lives, children, family and work. Maybe ask ourselves who we want to be? 'For You' begins to address or undress those fundamental questions.

Lulabel's has been in front of the camera as a model and muse exploring the self and will hold your hand through your potential nerves with kindness and compassion to make this a liberating and beautiful experience; and most importantly one without judgement.

The 'For You' experience is as much about photography as it is about 'phototherapy'.


“A photoshoot with depth. the photos combine the sensual feminine and strong masculine, representing our inner worlds”